Dr. Justine Shikuku
Dr. Justine Sikuku,
Sopkesperson & Principal Investigator Research Section Knowledges 
The Research Section is concerned with the ways in which African texts (texts here understood in Karin Barber’s definition as stretches of discourse which can be reproduced and thus transmitted over time and space) produce, and in the process engage knowledge produced about Africa.
Focus on how the emergence of an oppositional subjectivity in these texts relates to suspicions of how the production of knowledge has been used and can be used to legitimate hegemonic structures of power, but more significantly the interest will be on how the texts constitute multiple ways of knowing Africa being themselves already marked by multiple traditions. We are attentive not only to the historical moments in which literary texts are produced, but also to the specific spatial contexts of their emergence and how this gestures to the future Africa.


Dr.Justine Sikuku, (Linguistics)


Dr.Justine Sikuku, (Linguistics)

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