Mr. Chelimo K. Andrew


Andrew Chelimo was born on 24/06/1974 in Elgeiyo Marakwet County of Rift Valley. I have been a teacher of English in High School for 13 years before joining Moi University as faculty member in the Dept. of Literature, Linguistics, Foreign Languages and Film Studies in August 2015. My interests are centred in doing research in Nilo Saharan languages and in particular, the Kalenjin branch. Specifically I seek to study interactions of Phonology and Morphology, Semantics and syntactic patterns of Endo Marakwet (a sub branch of Marakwet) with a view of establishing how the language differs from other Kalenjin branches.
I have published papers on areas of plural suffixation and Tone in Keiyo, verbal extensions in Kipsigis and Phonological realisations in Keiyo. As for Endo Marakwet. I have papers on areas of Tone and Tongue root as ventives in Endo and Orthography of Kalenjin Languages. Already accepted papers (among others) include Gender Marked responses in Endo and Antiphrastic use in Endo

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