ICDC complex

The Moi University African Cluster Centre (Moi–ACC) is housed in the Moi University ICDC complex, with members drawn from School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) whose overriding objectives are to offer interdisciplinary teaching and research in the broad field of African studies and to act as the center where all other Africa–focused scholarship in Moi University coalesce. Within the context of these objectives, and building on the very strong tradition of exploring and interrogating diverse ways of knowing Africa that has developed in SASS in the three and a half decades of its existence, the Moi–ACC is envisioned as a hub of outstanding inter–, multi– and transdiciplinary research and conversations that will contribute to the greater understanding of Africa in ways that enable the addressing of significant issues affecting the continent.

The centre director is Prof. Peter Simatei (African Diasporas), assisted by the Academic Coordinator Prof. Tom Mboya, an Associate Professor of Literature. Spokepersons for the different Research Sections are: Prof. Mary Wahome(Ethics)-Research Section Moralities, Prof. Hassan Ndzovu (Islamic studies)-Research Section Learning, Prof. C. J Odhiambo, (Intervention Drama)- Research Section Arts & Aesthetics, Prof. Joram Kareithi(Anthropology)- Research Section Mobilities, Dr. Paul Opondo(Political Science)- Research Section Affiliations, Dr. Justin Sikuku (Linguistics)-Research Section Knowledges and Prof. Catherine Kiprop( )- Research Section Gender & Diversity Office.