Dr. Mary Khayogo Lonyangapuo
Dr. Mary K. Lonyangapuo

Dr Mary Lonyangapuo holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from Kenyatta University, Kenya; a Master Degree in Linguistics from the University of Leeds, UK and PhD in Linguistics from Egerton University, Kenya. I have 18 years’ university teaching experience in the area of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. My research focus is in the areas of Syntax, Applied Linguistics and Applied communication. I have written a number of research papers in refereed journals and also edited a number of manuscripts. I have worked as a Research Assistant with the Centre for Advanced Study of African Society (CASAS); a Researcher with RS Moralities (AIMWell), ACC Moi university; I am a member of CSAK (Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya); a founding member of LAEA (Language Association of Eastern Africa), a member of the Editorial Board, Jarida la Mwanga wa Lugha; I once served as Head of Department, Linguistics and Foreign Languages, Moi University; I also served as Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Moi University; Council Member, Kenyatta University and Director, KNBS Board. Currently, I am a Senior lecturer, Department of Literature, Linguistics, Foreign Languages and Film Studies, Moi University.

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