Dr. Daniel Kipkorir


Dr. Daniel Kipkorir is a Lecturer, teaching anthropology at Moi University, Kenya. He holds PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Anthropology and Postgraduate Diploma in Heritage Management. Dr. Kipkorir has vast experience and research interests and in the field of material culture, museology, archeology and social anthropology. He has substantial knowledge in curation, exhibition and documentation of objects as well as survey and excavation of archeological/paleontological sites, rituals and social identities. Dr. Kipkorir worked as a curator at the National Museums of Kenya from 1995-2013 and participated in many research projects, workshops and conferences. He has published the following works;

1. Kipkorir, D, Joram Kareithi & Donald Wandere (2019). Conflict between Traditional and biomedical views on Effects of Female Genital Cut on Women’s Health: The Case in Marakwet Community, Kenya International Journal of Development and Sustainability (ISDS)Volume 8 Number 5, ISSN: 2186-8662–,346-356
2. Kipkorir, D. Joram Kareithi, Donald Wandere & Eunice Kamara (2018). An Analysis on Adoption of Alternative Rites of Passage for Girls in Elgeiyo/Marakwet County, Kenya:Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, Vol.5, No.4 April 2018, 38-47.
3. Kipkorir, D. & Simatei, P. (2016). Re-emergence of Kenya’s Indigenous Dress in Tourism Promotion. Donghua University Press, Peoples Republic of China August 2016.
4. Kipkorir, D. & Wandibba, S (2015) Problems Facing Conservation of Kipsaraman Fossil Site, Tugen Hills, Kenya. Journal of Anthropology and Archeology: American Research Institute for Policy Development, December 2015.
5. Kipkorir, D & Kareithi J.N (2013) Indigenous Irrigation and Food Security in Tot Division, Kerio Valley, Kenya. Journal of Anthropology and Archeology: American Research Institute for Policy Development, June 2013.
6. Kipkorir, D.K & Kareithi J.N (2012) Human and Natural Factors in the Deterioration of the Marakwet Indigenous Irrigation Furrows. The International Journal of Social Science, October, 2012.

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