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Prof. C. J. Odhiambo

Prof. Dr. Christopher Odhiambo Joseph,
Spokesperson and Principal Investigator, Research Section, Arts & Aesthetics
The Arts and Aesthetics Research Section has as its core objective, the reconfiguring of African studies through critical engagement with multiplicity of artworks. As such the RS focuses on how processes of artistic creation, mediation, interpretation and criticism participate in the project of generating meanings and knowledge(s) that catalyze and facilitate ways of engaging with and understanding Africa and its people in multiple and multilayered modes. The RS will, have as its repertoire of study, dance, music, fine art, film, visual arts/media, literature both written and oral. The investigations of this RS largely revolve around the following broad areas
• The world of the artists/Artistes, the production processes of the works and their consumers/audiences
• Artistic works and their contexts, influences both intrinsic and extrinsic of factors and conditions on form(s) and meanings, production and circulation
• Critical engagement with artistic imaginaries: of entanglements with politics, ethics of representations, aesthetics and meanings, global and local dialectics
Activities: Workshops, seminars, reading sessions, conferences, research
Mission Statement
RS Arts and Aesthetics strives to engage in authentic and productive research and publications, that promote the interpretation and understanding of the reconfiguring of African studies through multiple works of art
Prof Dr. Christopher Odhiambo J
Prof. Peter T. Simatei
Dr. Busolo Wekesa
Dr. Evans Mugarizi
Dr. Everlyn Kisembe
Dr. James Ogutu
Dr. Jane Mwonga
Dr. Joseph Okongo
Dr. Laban Makobila
Dr. Paul Sutter
Dr. Rose Opondo
Dr. Samuel Ndogo
Dr. Simon Nganga
Mr. Collins Mumbo

Mr. Isaac Shitubi
Thumbnail    ACC Moi Academics coordinator Prof. Tom. M. Mboya( right-standing) welcomes Dr. Feyi Ademola- Adeoye of University of Lagos, Nigeria at the Moi African Cluster Centre( Moi ACC). Dr. Feyi Ademola,  a...
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