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TOPIC: Feminist Research, Masculinities, and Gender-based Violence in Africa


Gender-based violence is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world. That both women and men can be either victims or perpetrators is indisputable. Literature describing the various forms and types, consequences, and suggestions on how to address the vice abound. Existing studies have employed varied designs which although often considered objective have ignored women’s knowledge (Beetham & Demetriades 2007). It is argued that a majority of these studies offer descriptive and prescriptive measures to address the vice and have entrenched specific forms of GBV as cultural practices aligned to belief systems. The everescalating prevalence rates of GBV, particularly violence against women (VAW) raise questions regarding existing research and programming aimed at addressing the vice. The paper argues that a feminist research lens will not only unearth subtle drivers to VAW, but also approaches to researching GBV that could inform effective programming to address the vice. This paper is an attempt at the conceptualization of feminist research. It also outlines its principles and attempts to demonstrate its usage in researching VAW. Key words: Gender-based violence, feminist research, violence against women, masculinities, Africa
VENUE: Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3987546421 ,Meeting ID: 398 754 6421 TIME 14.00 HR
Thumbnail Prof. Fabio Baqueiro Figueiredo(right)-Research Fellow for year 2024, being welcomed at the Moi African Cluster Centre by Prof. Tom Mboya, Academics Coordinator, Moi ACC on 20th March 2024. Prof...
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