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This seminar presentation is based on my Anthem for Africa, a book of a versified fictive and dramatised tale first published in Italy in 1995, in a double edition of English and Italian, and recently reissued in Kampala in 2021, in an English edition only. (But I shall be free and ready to interact with the participants on any other aspects of my published work, 1968-2022.) The storyline of Anthem for Africa is comprised of the capture of state power by the military in a fictitious but recognisable African country, followed by years of calamitous and horrendous misrule by the military junta - till its own consequent ejection from the political stage in a violent showdown with more superior guns from within and outside the country. However, the presentation will not focus on the main plot but on the narrator’s digressions from the main plot as well as other peripherals of his, such as his declaration of his subject and purpose, and his invocations. His digressions take the form of retrospection into Africa's ancient, colonial, and recent times; and his re-creation of sample peak developmental achievements in Africa's past. Among the peak achievements of the continent's past civilisations are: the Egyptian Pyramid of Pyramids at Gizeh; the gigantic Ethiopian rock staircases in Axum; the Malian military and government model under Emperor Sundiata; and the unbroken and enduring oral tradition of Africa's minstrels and storytellers - ancient and contemporary - who are the verbal conservationists of the continent's esteemed human values.  
VENUE Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83800675869?pwd=bW52TlRUVlZ0cFNYK2c5cUdudC93QT09 Meeting ID: 838 0067 5869 Passcode: 518717
Thumbnail    ACC Moi Academics coordinator Prof. Tom. M. Mboya( right-standing) welcomes Dr. Feyi Ademola- Adeoye of University of Lagos, Nigeria at the Moi African Cluster Centre( Moi ACC). Dr. Feyi Ademola,  a...
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